31 December 2037 @ 06:09 pm
There's some updates with this post so please take time to read this again:)


Since my lj isn't just for my random flailings about je boys and other stuffs, I've decided to make this master post ver1.0 public.

I've been pondering about it lately, because I feel like that my entries with links on them are scattered. So i did this for my own sake and it would make other people's life easier to find those posts.

While the masterpost ver1.1 is not open for public. well, it doesn't make any difference. It's just that I would post all the direct links there without redirecting you to my posts. This is just for my reference. It will just make my life easier. Oh and there might be some links that didn't share here in my lj which i shared in [ profile] je_syndrome

~ duet 07.2010 (tackey pages only)

~ kat-tun star rider

~ howie d. feat shirota if i say
~ Shirota yu feat. howie d. worth fighting for
~ kat-tun fumetsu no scrum
~ one ok rock the beginning
~ nakayama yuma missing piece
~ yamashita tomohisa ke sera sera

~ sho jins airframe alpha
~ sho nissan note
~ ohno+aiba nissan serena 30s
~ ohno+aiba nissan serena 60s
~ nino nissan note
~ ohno+sho+aiba nissan cube
~ aiba uha short ver
~ aiba uha longer ver
~ aiba uha making
~ ohno lawson onigiri short ver
~ ohno lawson onigiri longer ver
~ ohno lawson onigiri interview
~ sho aflac xmas
~ jun nissan note
~ nino jcb xmas 15s
~ nino jcb xmas 30s
~ sho jins pc
~ sho jins blue light protection
~ sho jins pc making
~ sho oronamin c 30sl
~ toma toyota vitz 30s
~ Kat-tun suzuki solio black and white II
~ arashi nissan marine
~ jun nino nissan note
~ nino pocky devil
~ nino pocky devil snow day
~ nino pocky devil snow day making
~ ohba nissan wanko soba 30s
~ ohba nissan wanko soba 60s
~ jun meiji
~ ohno allegra ver1
~ ohno allegra ver2
~ jun elle air +water
~ sho benesse tablet movie answer
~ sho benesse tablet live lesson
~ sho benesse tablet making
~ Kat-tun bandit 15s
~ Kat-tun bandit 30s
~ Kat-tun bandit making
~ arashi JAL ver1
~ arashi JAL ver2
~ A,N,O kirin peace
~ nino jcb 15s
~ nino jcb 30s
~ ohno naive 15s
~ ohno naive 30s
~ nino nisshin oillio
~ sho aflac
~ aiba uha gumi ver1
~ aiba uha gumi ver2
~ aiba uha gumi making
~ ohno nissan innovation that excites
~ sho JINS
~ nino pocky devil with obachan
~ tackey the global balloon
~ nino salonpas ver1
~ sho oranamin c training
~ sho oranamin c jyunbiok
~ ohno lawson onigiri furusato
~ sho nissan leaf
~ nino nissan note no.1
~ ohno nissan no.1
~ ohno lawson osusume
~ ohno lawson osusume making
~ arashi kirin green label smile
~ kame aoki on air
~ kame aoki on air making
~ arashi jal around labo 15s
~ arashi jal around labo 30s
~ arashi jal around labo making
~ sho jins pc 15s
~ sho jins pc 30s
~ sho jins pc making
~ kat-tun solio free time
~ kat-tun solio making
~ jun nissan dayz
matsujun nino hitachi microwave
matsujun nino hitachi microwave making
ohno nino hitachi washing machine
ohno nino hitachi washing machine making
nino salonpas ver 2
nino salonpas ver 3
arashi kirin new
sho oronamin c 15s
sho oronamin c 30s
toma ikuta ariel
toma ikuta irodori
ohno jun nissan cm
ohno aiba hitachi vacuum cleaner
nino jcb daruma doll 15s
nino jcb daruma doll 30s
sho jins kageyama version
sho jins kageyama version making
ohno, jun, nino nissan (sensor)
nino jcb daruma doll 45s
ohno, sho, aiba nissan (sensor)
nino pocky new friend

~ arashi kirin
~ sho aflac xmas
~ Kat-tun suzuki solio black and white II
~ arashi nissan marine
~ A,N,O kirin peace
~ nino jcb
~ aiba uha gumi
~ aiba muhi arufa ex

~ toma ikuta nou otoko
~ toma ikuta nou otoko
~ matsujun hidamari no kanojo
matsujun hidamari no kanojo ver2

~ yamashita tomohisa talk and performance 2012 new year shanghai dragon tv

i wont upload download links here anymore, so if you want the download links I prefer you to join this community, [ profile] ainorakuen, this community is a community where i share and keep my fandom files. files ranges from raw cms, discographies, a subbed clip and other videos/clips. you might also want to join [ profile] je_syndrome, this community caters je boys/groups. although the community is now on indefinite haitus


You might want to read this for the links and tags

I just feel like changing it before christmas.. I've been using the old one for a couple of months already.. hahah! I might dwell on this for a couple of months again..

since I've changed my layout, a friend of mine pm-ed me about the location of the tags and links.. :) these 2 links can be found AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WEBPAGE if you placed your cursor over there. hehhhehh ^__^

credits to [ profile] milou_veronica for the stylesheet
credits to [ profile] okimiyage for the mood theme


As i'm sharing some dl links, i would like you to follow my simple rules. These rules won't bite people off. So please follow them with all your heart.

* do not re-upload, redistribute, resell and hotlink all the files being shared.
* if you want to share it with your friends, just link them back here.
* do not forget to credit if you are going to use the files. please use "SoL" only.

p.s. I stalked and ripped those websites to provide dl links. Unless i credited someone whom i also asked permission too.

I don't bite, hunt or kill people, so if you want to ask something, don't hesitate to send me a pm :) i'm always usually online, even though sometimes i don't post anything.


I've decided to lock all my entries with dl links to friends only. You can join the community, [ profile] ainorakuen and [ profile] je_syndrome if you just want the dl links. Don't worry joining is so much easy. :D

Well, it's because i was shocked when i saw the number of people who dl-ed the links. The difference between the number of the people who thanked me and the number of people who dl-ed the links in mf are so huge.. gosh. I'm not over exaggerating, but i won't put my MF account in danger. You know what i mean. And i want to protect my files and keep it moderated. ^^.

plus i'm not sharing links here anymore because of the rule breaking incident. sadly, these things ended up this way


 photo aiba-eat-au-wi-max.gif

how about we have a little chit chat while our miracle boy is having fun with his snack!

Hi! You guys can call me ai. That's what my friends call me. I love arashi (a lot). I love almost all JE boys so much! i love jdramas and jmovie. I love non-JE actors (kiriyama renn, miura haruma, hiraoka yuta, hongo kanata, masaki okada, kioke teppei, mizubata junpei, mizushima hiro, matsuda shota and too many to mention XD ) and actress (horikita maki, anne, aragaki yui, kuroki meisa, toda erika, yoshitaka yuriko and many more), singers and nico nico dancers as well. well, please include other international actors and actresses like brad pitt and the list would go on ^__^
I post about random stuffs!
I flail, spazz, and rant.
This lj is about my fandom, thoughts and RL
Post with dl links (JE and NON-JE) will be under f-lock.

I don't mind if you add me as a friend. But, i don't add back people with empty journals unless we already had some chit chat together. There's no sense adding you back if we don't talk, flail or spazz together, right? How about let's talk for a bit and get to know each other:P

 photo sho-sakurai-and-the-parrot.gif

If you still want to be my friend, you've been warned, just add me up and send me a pm or comment on this post. Be my guest! ^__^ I'll add you back.:)

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10 April 2013 @ 08:32 pm
How do we do??:)

I'm just posting a BELATED birthday post for yamapi~!! ^__^

 photo yamapi_zps0acf1837.gif

i should have done this yesterday, but I ended up watching a bakaleya with my sister **hides**


**video not mine**

kya~!!<3<3<3 I LOVE THIS SONG!

i wonder why they didn't release this song..

 photo yamapi2_zps7ef7021e.gif
**dies** i love this part of his performance.. so cool!!

I LOVE YAMAPI since I saw him act in STAND UP. I love his character, which is a train maniac:D

I LOVE YAMAPI even more in his CODE BLUE days. AIZAWA would always be the best er/neuro surgeon in the worldXD LOL


one honest opinion...
i love him the best, in terms of his music, when he was still under johnny's entertainment (the record label)... BUT RIGHT NOW, I STILL LOVE AND SUPPORT HIM <3 <3 <3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i wish you all the best in life!
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17 March 2013 @ 07:20 pm
Just a quick post..:)

well, my big sister is a fan of pi.. so she asked if my friend had already received her cd. Lucky, she already got it and gladly shared it with me:)


So, feel free to download if you want it :P I've asked my friend's permission for this:)


credits to rach ^^.


strictly NO RE-UPLOADING and stuff. if you want to share it, please link them back here.

thank you ^^.
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22 October 2012 @ 09:29 pm
I just saw the cd covers of monsters awhile ago..:)

so, i just feel like sharing what i saw XD

limited ed a
limited ed b
reg ed
7 net

source?? Johnny's net

I'm kind of excited to see the pv of this single XD although I still haven't watched the first episode of this drama >.
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30 July 2012 @ 08:19 pm
I'm still alive and kicking!! I miss writing in here!! :P

well, rl and thesis keeps me away from posting but I do have time checking updates here! **everyday** and of course, my days won't be complete without them! XD really! I always find time to FLAIL!XD

sooooo.. I think its been a month or two since my last post. well, as of now, I'm just taking a break from writing my thesis book! because I think my head will definitely explode if I won't take a break for 30 mins. **scratch that** I think of an hour! hahah:))

I definitely need to finish this book by this week.. submission would be like on August9:| Let's hope that my DEFINITELY CRAZY ADVISER will endorse my work. okay enough of that! >.<

what did I miss?? hmm, I DEFINITELY WANT TO WATCH A CONCERT OF ARASHI!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh!! I really really want to go!! unfortunately, I can't! so, I'll just buy the dvd when it comes out! T_T and I can't wait for the documentary (walt disney) by oh-chan. I would definitely pray that someone with a good heart would sub it!

Have you heard the album of yamapi?? well, for me.. I think I like the SGSB much better than ERO... hehehe:) But I definitely flailed and died when I saw the ERO 2012 VERSION PV!! seeing yamapi half naked, what more can you asked for!! IT'S AN ALL IN ONE PACKAGE DEAL! have you read the letter of pi to himself?? It makes me sad and I really wanted to cry :| I'll definitely be one of those who will continue to support him :D

In the end, I found myself making this! (out of boredom last friday, before I went to my PLN class)
images all came from sora_kumo

and of course, I'm totally getting excited about KAT-TUN's new single with Koki's solo and solo pv!! kya~!! I just can't wait for the other members solos too ^___^ I really hope it's a great one:)

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24 November 2011 @ 08:40 pm
it's been weeks since my last post! hahaha

SCREW RL! assignments, plates and other college stuffs are all currently occupying my whole life O.O

didn't have electricity for about a week and 2 days because of our neighbor's faulty stupid wiring! thanks to them i have to suffer from darkness and absolutely no fangirl stuff T____T

good thing a close friend of mine keeps telling me infos and such about my ichiban group! without her, maybe i've already died because of boredom! if you're reading this checkie! hell! it's really YOU i'm talking about!

thanks to [ profile] hansuke2212, who always keep me updated to JE! ^__^ **HUGS**

didn't get a chance to post again for our new community [ profile] je_syndrome after we launched the community while the faulty wiring of our neighbor started to get burn..

have you seen the posts?? are you getting excited?? click HERE!!!

enough of this promotions and rants!! hahhaa

to keep my day right, ohno-kun really keeps me happy!!

tada!! ^___________________^

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YAY~~! i'm back!!! semestral break, HERE I COME!! semestral break will last until first week of November!! so... that will be a month full of fangirling mode! right??? i'm deprive of everything since last week, because of school project and stuffs..

apparently, (for me) today's the last school day i had for this sem. but tomorrow, there's still a submission for my specialization project! >.< i still have to go to school even though i've already finished doing it a while agoXD

good part of my day:

so today, i celebrated TOMA's BIRTHDAY with my friend.. ate CREPE instead of CAKE..

** that's the crepe!! ^__^

we wanted to buy the cake at starbucks, but too bad it's expensive!!! really expensive! >.< i don't earn money......
so cheesecake, better wait for me after i graduate! hahhaha..XD

the sad part of this day:
my friend told me about NEWS! i was like, WTH! >.< i'm not a news fanatic, but i feel sad for them.. well, i did see it coming.. i just don't know why!

so, koyama, shige, tego and masu should work their butts off without yamapi and ryo by their side..


GAMBATTE YAMAPI! (with your solo activities) ** i was thinking of toma and yamapi duo**

and GAMBATTE RYO!!!:) ** i know ryo loves KANJANI8**


have you seen arashi's new cm of au kddi???? ^____^

i know it's late! blame it all on school stuffs!! hahaha! JOKE!! that's real life!

arashi + rock = love!!!

and i really can't wait for the sub version of nino's sp!!!

can't wait for sho's new drama!

can't wait for ohno's kaibutsu kun!!!

can't wait for the single's "meikyu love song" release!!

speaking of "CAN'T WAIT"..........
can't wait for kame's new drama as a monster!

and can't wait for its single!

BIRTH and STAR RIDER here i come!!

hope the pvs are good~!!!

P.S. proof about NEWS >> and

just google translate it^___^

** lj cut and link won't work with me.. forgive meT___________________________T
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05 May 2011 @ 08:44 pm
hsj new single???

the other day, there's a rumor of news new single... hope it's true!!
**fingers crossed** ^_^

i've read a post saying that hsj will have a new single called "over".. and it seems that 愛-ing アイシテル will be the coupling song:) or maybe vise versa.. hahaha.. i don't know!!

the release date will be on june29 ^_^ isn't it nice????

it seems that they announce it in their concertXD

yesterday, i saw a post about oh-chan:) it seems that kaibutsu-kun went to a elementary school somewhere in miyagi to visit the children.. there's no announcement made so it wasn't a publicity stunt:)

and.. there's a picture of it:) well, not official pic.. oh-chan's back was the one facing the camera:))

aww.. that's sweet of him!!!:) now that really makes me want to watch kaibutsu kun the movie:D

and congratulations to yamapi:) a friend of mine told me about it:D (she's really really a huge fan of yamapi:))

yamapi won an award in rthk 22nd international awards.. it was in hong kong!! ^_^

**credits to the rightful owners!!!** :D
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28 April 2011 @ 08:12 pm
my friend had already watched jakuchu miracle world.. she can understand japanese, so that's her advantage O.o i want to watch it too.. well, not just because of oh-chan.. but i would also like to check out those art stuffs..:)

hope someone subs it.. hhehehe please!!!!! ^_^

and amuro namie's checkmate album's really nice:D unusual is one of my favorites:P i like its pv:) yamapi's so cute in the pv:X well, it's kinda stuck in my head right nowXD and being no. 1 in the oricon daily album chart is really a big thing <(*o*)>

speaking of oricon chart.. jang keun suk tops the oricon daily single chart:) isn't it nice??:) it's his first japanese single and debut under pony canyon (it was arashi's first record label!!) hehheh :) and knowing that he's a fanboy of l'arc-en-ciel and hirai ken, it makes me happy:)) i wonder why ^^. me and my friend can't wait for his korean adaptation of kimi wo petto..:) but, i'm still bias with jun! jun's the best momo in the world:)) hahaha XD

and right now, i'm looking for the mp3 of hirai ken's canvas:)) it's kind of stuck in my sister's head.... because of honey and clover:) the jdrama's good and has a deep story:D osamu mukai and toma were great in that jdrama:D

so, i will be downloading its movie.. but the casts are totally different:) anyway, sho was portraying toma's character:D

sho or toma??? hahahaha.. i can't decide:)) i love them both:X
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08 April 2011 @ 09:08 pm
i guess april's going to be a birthday month!!!

Today's the birthday day of DAIGO!! yay!! He definitely doesn't look like a 33 year old guy:P

got this from these sources:

Well, apparently I've also saw the new pv of breakerz, and it's nice.. he looks so young in the pv..:P unfortunately, my dad saw me watching the pv.. and he told me that the lead singer looks GAY.. OUCH!!

My dad, he's a guy who eventually hates japanese people.. well, japanese stuffs and foods are the only exceptions.. i don't know why, but he really doesn't want japanese people.. he would always argue with me and my sister when we’re flailing over these singers, idols and other stuffs connected to japan.. O.o

oh!!! smap will release its new single via net due to some reasons..

i was saddened by the news that 2 people died yesterday in japan after having an earthquake of magnitude 6, (I think its magnitude6)

hope japan will soon recover from these natural calamities :)
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