This is my last post before my hiatus. Don't worry i'll be back mid-june.

Below is a rough translation of kattun's face to face making of.

I really don't know if somebody already subbed it. If someone already did, then please don't mind this:)

I didnt translate the game part since i didn't understand it well. Also there might be some error with the grammar since i don't have time to double check it. I did this rough translation almost a year ago.

Also the translation isn't 100% accurate. So don't expect too much.

btw, i didn't indicate in the rough translation who said the lines. i will definitely update this post if no one had ever subbed this.

Without further ado...

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Please don't claim the translation as your own.

If you want to ask something, dont hesitate to send me a pm.

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09 October 2013 @ 09:45 pm
JE, why did you terminate koki's exclusive contract?? why can't he just be suspended from all kt's activities for some months???

this news really shocked me.. october is a month when a je artist leaves a group!! first, NEWS. now, KT!

bad behavior? rule breaker? a troublemaker? **cries** i really believe that there will come a day that koki and je would release a better and detailed explanation. They leave us hanging (-.-)

there are lots of various opinions i've heard. some says it's for the best.

i've already read the members' individual messages.. as for me, i'll continue to support KAT-TUN. i wont leave them, i'll stand by them.. it's really a shame that some people leave fandoms because the group losses a member.

Koki will always be the LORD/JOKER.
KAT-TUN fans will always be hyphens/royal subjects
KAT-TUN is still KAT-TUN as long as we believe in them.

to all hyphens out there, i know this news saddened us. it's really heartbreaking.. let's just support KAT-TUN and Koki in whatever way we can
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30 July 2012 @ 08:19 pm
I'm still alive and kicking!! I miss writing in here!! :P

well, rl and thesis keeps me away from posting but I do have time checking updates here! **everyday** and of course, my days won't be complete without them! XD really! I always find time to FLAIL!XD

sooooo.. I think its been a month or two since my last post. well, as of now, I'm just taking a break from writing my thesis book! because I think my head will definitely explode if I won't take a break for 30 mins. **scratch that** I think of an hour! hahah:))

I definitely need to finish this book by this week.. submission would be like on August9:| Let's hope that my DEFINITELY CRAZY ADVISER will endorse my work. okay enough of that! >.<

what did I miss?? hmm, I DEFINITELY WANT TO WATCH A CONCERT OF ARASHI!!!!!!!!!!!! gosh!! I really really want to go!! unfortunately, I can't! so, I'll just buy the dvd when it comes out! T_T and I can't wait for the documentary (walt disney) by oh-chan. I would definitely pray that someone with a good heart would sub it!

Have you heard the album of yamapi?? well, for me.. I think I like the SGSB much better than ERO... hehehe:) But I definitely flailed and died when I saw the ERO 2012 VERSION PV!! seeing yamapi half naked, what more can you asked for!! IT'S AN ALL IN ONE PACKAGE DEAL! have you read the letter of pi to himself?? It makes me sad and I really wanted to cry :| I'll definitely be one of those who will continue to support him :D

In the end, I found myself making this! (out of boredom last friday, before I went to my PLN class)
images all came from sora_kumo

and of course, I'm totally getting excited about KAT-TUN's new single with Koki's solo and solo pv!! kya~!! I just can't wait for the other members solos too ^___^ I really hope it's a great one:)

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