14 April 2017 @ 04:02 pm
guys! have you read lj's new terms and conditions? or you just clicked i accept without reading it all..

gosh, i clicked accept without reading it.. then i was wondering why some lj users and communities are moving to dreamwidth. soooo, i did some research.. hahah! now, i understand

good thing i already have my dw account since 2012. great, isn't it? but when i checked it out.. i didn't post a single entry. Am I that lazy? hahah!

I decided to make lj my primary account and dw as my back-up account.. so, all of my posts (including the old ones) will be there too.

DW account HERE see you guys there~!!

have you seen arashi's i'll be there spot cm? how about the sample track?


here's the copy for the spot cm and sample track
** video resolution - 960 width (mp4 format) [0:15]
** sample track (mp3 format) [0:40]

these are posted in j storm's web.. you can check it out HERE

please note that i personally ripped these in their website.. so please, don't post the link anywhere.

pw: sol_cm

f-locked in 3 days

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25 February 2012 @ 11:32 pm
hi guys! could you help me? could you answer a survey? it won't take much of your time..

onegai!! onegai!!

**thesis is definitely taking up my life**:|

It's for my thesis:) it's a museum for modern asian music!

here's the link >> click HERE

look, oh-chan is also cheering you to answer the survey:) please answer it!! i really need it:)

and could you help me by spreading it too?? ^_^ thanks in advance!

ohh.. and i can't wait for the release of wild at heart flail more )
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09 February 2012 @ 11:49 pm
it's been a month since my last post right?? rl and school stuff are really taking up almost all of my life:|

so.... there's only a few minutes left and it marks the end of my birthday:) hhahahaha

and i'm so happy and surprised when i opened my lj and saw a message from [ profile] tazi_chan ^__^ thanks for remembering my birthday!! **HUGS**

and of course to [ profile] fluffy_beast21.. thank you so much for the greetings!!

those greetings saved my day!! because many small problems came up this late afternoon.. that's why i don't like to have classes on my bday:))

thanks to my friends especially [ profile] hansuke2212!! love your gift!! so cool!! thank you so much!! **HUGS**

an lastly, to my sister! i thought she'll make a homemade cake for me.. but instead she just bought it a while ago!!

cake cake cake )
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dear diary,

today i saw a parade! a halloween parade.. it's a parade in our neighborhood! i'm so happy! i wish i'm still a 7 years old kid so i can participate and go door to door and ask for candies!

i miss those days.. i miss wearing those witch costumes! today's really great!

love, me

** ahahha.. i can't believe i wrote that when i'm still in grade 4 XD lame journal entry right?? hahaha:) i really find it lame =))

anyway, how's your halloween?? ^__^ having a great time right??:)

i spend my halloween at home watching joker! yay!!!! i really love date-san's cool way of saying there's no tomorrow for you!! kya~~! i really love that part!!! and the way how he hold his gun ^__^

:) ryo-chan's so cute!! handsome forensic guy!!:) my sister definitely love the drama.. well because ryo's in there!! hahaha:) one of her main reason:) and of course.. it's a great drama:) hope they'll have another sp of that telling the story about JOKER!! ahahahaha:)

ohhh... and for a halloween treat.. i know some of you already knew about hotel 626 and asylum 626.. try playing it again during this time of the year.. XD hahaha.. it's going to be a great halloween night:))

and arashi really never fails me.. i love their pv!!!!!!!!!! oh-chan's so cute being a pet!!!! ^__^ actually, i want to have the nino and oh-chan pet.!!! XD i want to own them.. hahahhaha:P

and the side b of the regular edition's great!! yay!!! i love it!!! ^___^
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it's been a while since my last update!!! :| been helping my parents since the end of our final examination.....:|

still reading lj updates daily, downloading videos daily (can't download jdrama because megaupload doesn't want to work with me)

good thing OHNO's new cm made my tiring boring day!!!XD

here's a picture!!! tada!!!!

**power of snapshot!! hahahah**

i should definitely change my user pic.. i've been craving for oh-chan since.... 3 months??? does this mean he's my new ichiban??? XD hahhah

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i'm officially burnout!!!

i've been patiently staring and searching for landscape elements that will suit the tropical climate.. i've been searching for hours.. unfortunately, no good results

why did i ever took landscaping for my sp subject??? O.o damn it!

good thing...

arashi never fails to brighten up my day:)

finally, they're complete! not just 2 members! yay!! so happy about this:)

there's an online voting for mannequin 5 just like the sp had in spring:) it's kind of hard to know whose clothes coordination was it:))

i think the theme is "the clothes you want your boyfriend to wear":)

overseas fans can vote again!! yatta~~! here's the link >>

yay!! you can just google translate the whole page if you don't know how to read japanese:)

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19 August 2011 @ 03:39 pm
last week' so hectic!! hope i've got good grades with my prelim exams:D
**fingers crossed**

and belated happy 15th anniversary to aiba!!

and i've been celebrating jun's month!! ^__^

ohh.. and sho's autumn drama with kitagawa keiko was already been confirmed!! yay!! can't wait!! i'll definitely watch it!! ^__^ i'm so excited to see another arashi starring in a drama! it's been a while since aiba's bartender:D

have you seen kanjani8's new single?? my sister was flailing throughout the whole pv!! hahah! as expected to a ryo maniac:D the pv's nice.. and now, i really want to watch zenkai girl:D


and another thing is.... the result of being a fangirl!!!

it's kind of funny, crazy.. or should i call it pathetic??? NOT!!

last night, i was doing my plate in design using autocad.. i've got a peaceful time doing it! then my sister suddenly ask if i have something that i would like to show and share with her (meaning: pictures, subbed videos and the like).. and i surprised her with a scan of sho! hmm.. i just forgot which magazine and i think it's one of th latest! and i opened the picture and full screened it! nice!! i was flailing over the scan! as expected to a sho fanatic and ryo maniac!! XD..

then back to my design plate.... GOSH!! it FROZE! so i waited... and i was surprised, the scan of sho was imported to my plate!! great! this happened not only once! THIS IS DEFINITELY THE SECOND TIME AND IT'S ALWAYS SHO!! XD

**print screen** :P

the other one was just a compilation of pics of different landscape concept.. so i was saving pictures..i had a hard time saving it because the net during that time was so slow.. so i soothed myself looking for..., you know, again fangirl stuffs! i saw scans of magazine and a gif.. hahah:) saved it:) didn't realize that i saved it in my assignment's folder.. until i was placing the pictures at photoshop.. my sister suddenly said, "this is yamada ryosuke! what's he doing here" gosh! delete it! then i remembered 2 pictures of arashi should be in there!!!! @_@"

great! i din't find it.. never mind, maybe it's not there:))

i printed it! looked for it again, nothing! that's good! submitted it! i'm totally fine..

one day, my sister was really searching for it!! she laughed so hard and said good luck to me! spotted! noOOOOOOOOOOooo!!

i'm dead! i was nervous when my professor handed back the assignments! and said to the class, i'll tell something to the class about the assignment!


then, she talked.. blah blah blah.. nothing about the pictures of arashi! then suddenly called my name! she said, "so you're the one" i froze! my hands were cold like ice! she continued," looked at her work, it's full of landscape concepts, that's what i've been looking for your assignments!" she smiled, handed me back my assignment! she didn't notice the pic!... maybe it's small?? so i checked it! gosh, kind of big! showed to my friend, she said it's kind of big! good thing the professor didn't saw it!! hahah:)

well that's the first time!

**printed on an a3 size paper**

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another sp of kaibutsu-kun this coming autumn!! you heard it right!! yay!!

i'm so excited about this!!! and i can't wait for the movie:D hope someone subs it!! hhheheh:P and becky will be appearing again as oh-chan's fiancé:)

yay!! and i'm hoping that there will be a lot of drama with becky:) i really like her in stand up! hahaha

and nino will be having a sp of freeter this coming autumn.. yay!! so much sp this coming autumn!


i didn't like nino's hair in the jcb cm! hmm.. maybe it's just me but currently, i find him not cute and adorable at all >.< unlike OHNO!!

hmm.. maybe ohno will be my ichiban!:)) well he's the reason why i started to like arashi after watching maou!! hahahaha.. nah!! i just love arashi so much!!

and i hope there will be a dvd release of matsujun's stageplay ^_^


arashi car?? well i don't know anything about this.. but i just saw the post of crystalia84:P

IT'S A MITSUBISHI LANCER!!!! gosh!! i need to have money!! and i'll definitely buy that!! hhahaha:)) more maybe i'll steal one:))

hope it will be released in other countries too, right???

if not.. then i'll be envying those fangirls in US:))

oh oh oh!!! have you seen kat-tun's newest pv??? they look so cool! plus.. i like kame so much in the pv! he's so cute!!!:D

well, apparently.. they're all cute in the pv!!:)

a nice pv.. but, i didn't kind of like the music that much! :| anyway, the pv's cool and nice dance moves!!:)
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21 June 2011 @ 11:53 pm
GOSH!! It's been weeks since my last entry.. SCHOOL SUCKS! I hate classes that would end at 9pm..

Thanks to those people who arranged our schedule.. thank you for having our classes end t 9pm (6 times a week)...

Thank YOU! and I'd already survive 2 weeks of these misfortunes.. So many homeworks and plates:| may GOD be with me through out the semester

and kazushi (external hd) is still in taiwan!! come back to me!! i miss you!!:|

***enough of these rants*** >.<

I'm so happy about arashi's new album!! i really really like the pv "mada minu sekai e" :) that pv makes oh-chan a great dancer..:) i was really having a great time watching and flailing over the body roll part! call me pervert.. but i can't help myself!!!XD

i've already saw the making of mada minu sekai e..:) and i love it:) i'm currently downloading the engsub of the camp training and i just can't wait!!

[ and i hope that next week.. the technician of dsl will come over here and fix their line here..:| i'm currently using a prepaid broadband and the speed really sucks.. and i can't download properly >.< ]

and i plan to watch the dome concert if my schedule for next week will not be that tied up..
**fingers crossed** hoping!!!!!

i also saw the JAL cm!! it's nice!!!:D the boys really deserve it!!!^_^

and i can't wait fro hikaru's drama this coming july:) and ryo too.. and shige... ohhhh.. i need to watch those... hahahha.. but i only have a little time:D

i'm excited to hear the full version of hang up on!!:D and nino's solo makes me fall for him again!!! yay!! and i heard aiba's solo..:) it's nice!!

belated happy birthday to NINO!! **my crush**

and in a few minutes.. happy happy birthday to inoo kei!!:D my friend's ichiban and husband!!:))
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24 May 2011 @ 01:28 pm
My last entry was last week.. So it's been a while...:)

Right now, i'm waiting for the clock to strike at 2 pm! This is the last day of our ojt days! It,'s been fun and tiring! And made new friends and made priceless and treasured moments with them!!:)
** laugh trip, movie marathon, ghost stories! I will really miss it!:)

By the way, congratulations to kat-tun! Another no.1 single!

My sister told me to search for the lyrics and translation of yuki no hana! I think it's really a nice song!

I saw the pv of white! My sister told me, it seems it has this feeling of an arashi pv... Hmm.. For me, i still don't know!! Hahhaha

I can't wait for arashi's dvd and new album!!!^_^

Sasaki nozomi and nino might have a relationship.. But their angencies denied the rumors..:)

Ohh.. I hope kazushi won't leave me... All my treasured files are in there!!:) still waiting for the twchnician to call!!:((
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