This is my last post before my hiatus. Don't worry i'll be back mid-june.

Below is a rough translation of kattun's face to face making of.

I really don't know if somebody already subbed it. If someone already did, then please don't mind this:)

I didnt translate the game part since i didn't understand it well. Also there might be some error with the grammar since i don't have time to double check it. I did this rough translation almost a year ago.

Also the translation isn't 100% accurate. So don't expect too much.

btw, i didn't indicate in the rough translation who said the lines. i will definitely update this post if no one had ever subbed this.

Without further ado...

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Please don't claim the translation as your own.

If you want to ask something, dont hesitate to send me a pm.

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it's been a while since my last update!!! :| been helping my parents since the end of our final examination.....:|

still reading lj updates daily, downloading videos daily (can't download jdrama because megaupload doesn't want to work with me)

good thing OHNO's new cm made my tiring boring day!!!XD

here's a picture!!! tada!!!!

**power of snapshot!! hahahah**

i should definitely change my user pic.. i've been craving for oh-chan since.... 3 months??? does this mean he's my new ichiban??? XD hahhah

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i'm officially burnout!!!

i've been patiently staring and searching for landscape elements that will suit the tropical climate.. i've been searching for hours.. unfortunately, no good results

why did i ever took landscaping for my sp subject??? O.o damn it!

good thing...

arashi never fails to brighten up my day:)

finally, they're complete! not just 2 members! yay!! so happy about this:)

there's an online voting for mannequin 5 just like the sp had in spring:) it's kind of hard to know whose clothes coordination was it:))

i think the theme is "the clothes you want your boyfriend to wear":)

overseas fans can vote again!! yatta~~! here's the link >>

yay!! you can just google translate the whole page if you don't know how to read japanese:)

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05 September 2011 @ 09:37 pm

yesterday, i thought there's something wrong with our internet provider because the downloading speed was super, i mean totally slow.. slow as a turtle! it took me 9 hours to finish a 600 plus mb.. great!
now i'm currently downloading a 600+ mb file.. and guess what, 12kbps!! so slow..

so i'm thinking to cancel what i've been downloading for the past few hours and instead download other files from mediafire, whick won't give me a headache...

anyway, enough with my rants about megaupload.. but Oh-chan really made my day!! 9 hours of downloading one episode of uta no onii-san in megaupload is really worth it..

i can't refrain myself not to take a peek of the drama... haha XD

and it's really worth it! oh-chan's so cool!!

and i can't wait for the sp of kaibutsu-kun!! ^_____^

because i took a peek with it.. i looked for the mini-sute and download it!
too bad it wasn't subbed.. so i better find that sub.. but i don't exactly where to find it!!! T___________________________T if you guys know where i can find it.. please do tell and message me.. heheh!! thanks!!! ^__^

**great!! lj-cut won't work either!! >.<

lol at kame!! kind of cute right??

kat-tun in black:) ready to perform rescue!!!

this is so cute when you see the gif of it:P

oh-chan asking kat-tun to watch uta no onii-san!!! ^___________^

maru and oh-chan so cute together with kat-tun:)

credits to: i don't know where did i get this.. so to the rightful owner of this raw, message me so i can thank you personally:)

ohh.. i almost forgot, belated happy happy birthday to nakamaru!!!!!!!! ^___________^
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23 March 2011 @ 11:50 pm
ohh.. i almost forgot.. happy 5th year anniversary to KAT-TUN!! yay~!! horray!! hhehehe

my sister is also a huge fan of kat-tun..

well, seems like she likes kat-tun's musics than of ARASHI.. o.O She really really does like the GIRLS by NTT:)

its beats are really cool, but the lyrics.. well, you know what i mean.. hahah

i was dumbfounded.. @.@

i saw the subbed video of tousan uta gassen, and one of the kids there commented that they are the group who's wild and the flashiest!! can't help myself from laughing!!

and what really catches me was the kid who said that.. "Oh, here comes the human percussionist!!" hahhaha.. i was laughing the whole time because nakamaru's face was so priceless.. hahahahah..

speaking of nakamaru.. heard that he will soon have an regular show after graduating from shounen club:) good for him right??^^.

AND, i remember how great he was in RESCUE
**however, he does really shout throughout the drama.. well, that's part of his character being a fire fighter, a rescuer.. nice drama!! promise!!**

Oh, and kame's really a good actor^^. i really love and anticipate his dramas.. hehehe.. he's really good in yamato nadeshiko, 1 pound gospel..

and of course, NOBUTA WO PRODUCE!! with yamapi!! i really love that drama..

i remember having a whole month addiction with BYE-BYE-CYCLE!! that's really priceless.. LOVE KAT-TUN!! heheheh


change topic!! heheheh.. well, still related to kat-tun..:)

they will be in music station on april 1!! yay~!! and they're with ARASHI!!!:)

yay~~! i'm totally excited about it:D

ohh.. and i really love oh-chan's new hairstyle!! so cute of having a short hair.. he does even look younger that ever ^__^

can't wait!!!
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15 February 2011 @ 11:55 pm
just now, i read an article again.. well, it's about hey say jump!!:)

they will be the new host of shounen club:P

**hope all of them will participate** ^^

the filming will start on march then will air on april..:P

so this will be a graduation for koyama and nakamaru for hosting shounen club:)

congrats to hsj!! >:D<

just saw the new version of chocola cm of nino:) nino's really really cute!!! XD
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