This is my last post before my hiatus. Don't worry i'll be back mid-june.

Below is a rough translation of kattun's face to face making of.

I really don't know if somebody already subbed it. If someone already did, then please don't mind this:)

I didnt translate the game part since i didn't understand it well. Also there might be some error with the grammar since i don't have time to double check it. I did this rough translation almost a year ago.

Also the translation isn't 100% accurate. So don't expect too much.

btw, i didn't indicate in the rough translation who said the lines. i will definitely update this post if no one had ever subbed this.

Without further ado...

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Please don't claim the translation as your own.

If you want to ask something, dont hesitate to send me a pm.

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18 May 2013 @ 09:24 pm

kamenashi kazuya's the plus one guest in vs arashi!!!

I love it when any je boys come to arashi's variety shows.. :D

so forgive me for spamming :))

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17 May 2013 @ 05:26 pm
another post of the day!! :D

kame~!!!!! <3



making of



gosh, i'm pretty fired up when i saw his cameo in junno's solo pv.. now, i'm wondering what kind of pv he'll have for us.

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kame, don't let us down =P
YAY~~! i'm back!!! semestral break, HERE I COME!! semestral break will last until first week of November!! so... that will be a month full of fangirling mode! right??? i'm deprive of everything since last week, because of school project and stuffs..

apparently, (for me) today's the last school day i had for this sem. but tomorrow, there's still a submission for my specialization project! >.< i still have to go to school even though i've already finished doing it a while agoXD

good part of my day:

so today, i celebrated TOMA's BIRTHDAY with my friend.. ate CREPE instead of CAKE..

** that's the crepe!! ^__^

we wanted to buy the cake at starbucks, but too bad it's expensive!!! really expensive! >.< i don't earn money......
so cheesecake, better wait for me after i graduate! hahhaha..XD

the sad part of this day:
my friend told me about NEWS! i was like, WTH! >.< i'm not a news fanatic, but i feel sad for them.. well, i did see it coming.. i just don't know why!

so, koyama, shige, tego and masu should work their butts off without yamapi and ryo by their side..


GAMBATTE YAMAPI! (with your solo activities) ** i was thinking of toma and yamapi duo**

and GAMBATTE RYO!!!:) ** i know ryo loves KANJANI8**


have you seen arashi's new cm of au kddi???? ^____^

i know it's late! blame it all on school stuffs!! hahaha! JOKE!! that's real life!

arashi + rock = love!!!

and i really can't wait for the sub version of nino's sp!!!

can't wait for sho's new drama!

can't wait for ohno's kaibutsu kun!!!

can't wait for the single's "meikyu love song" release!!

speaking of "CAN'T WAIT"..........
can't wait for kame's new drama as a monster!

and can't wait for its single!

BIRTH and STAR RIDER here i come!!

hope the pvs are good~!!!

P.S. proof about NEWS >> and

just google translate it^___^

** lj cut and link won't work with me.. forgive meT___________________________T
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i'm officially burnout!!!

i've been patiently staring and searching for landscape elements that will suit the tropical climate.. i've been searching for hours.. unfortunately, no good results

why did i ever took landscaping for my sp subject??? O.o damn it!

good thing...

arashi never fails to brighten up my day:)

finally, they're complete! not just 2 members! yay!! so happy about this:)

there's an online voting for mannequin 5 just like the sp had in spring:) it's kind of hard to know whose clothes coordination was it:))

i think the theme is "the clothes you want your boyfriend to wear":)

overseas fans can vote again!! yatta~~! here's the link >>

yay!! you can just google translate the whole page if you don't know how to read japanese:)

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05 September 2011 @ 09:37 pm

yesterday, i thought there's something wrong with our internet provider because the downloading speed was super, i mean totally slow.. slow as a turtle! it took me 9 hours to finish a 600 plus mb.. great!
now i'm currently downloading a 600+ mb file.. and guess what, 12kbps!! so slow..

so i'm thinking to cancel what i've been downloading for the past few hours and instead download other files from mediafire, whick won't give me a headache...

anyway, enough with my rants about megaupload.. but Oh-chan really made my day!! 9 hours of downloading one episode of uta no onii-san in megaupload is really worth it..

i can't refrain myself not to take a peek of the drama... haha XD

and it's really worth it! oh-chan's so cool!!

and i can't wait for the sp of kaibutsu-kun!! ^_____^

because i took a peek with it.. i looked for the mini-sute and download it!
too bad it wasn't subbed.. so i better find that sub.. but i don't exactly where to find it!!! T___________________________T if you guys know where i can find it.. please do tell and message me.. heheh!! thanks!!! ^__^

**great!! lj-cut won't work either!! >.<

lol at kame!! kind of cute right??

kat-tun in black:) ready to perform rescue!!!

this is so cute when you see the gif of it:P

oh-chan asking kat-tun to watch uta no onii-san!!! ^___________^

maru and oh-chan so cute together with kat-tun:)

credits to: i don't know where did i get this.. so to the rightful owner of this raw, message me so i can thank you personally:)

ohh.. i almost forgot, belated happy happy birthday to nakamaru!!!!!!!! ^___________^
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another sp of kaibutsu-kun this coming autumn!! you heard it right!! yay!!

i'm so excited about this!!! and i can't wait for the movie:D hope someone subs it!! hhheheh:P and becky will be appearing again as oh-chan's fiancé:)

yay!! and i'm hoping that there will be a lot of drama with becky:) i really like her in stand up! hahaha

and nino will be having a sp of freeter this coming autumn.. yay!! so much sp this coming autumn!


i didn't like nino's hair in the jcb cm! hmm.. maybe it's just me but currently, i find him not cute and adorable at all >.< unlike OHNO!!

hmm.. maybe ohno will be my ichiban!:)) well he's the reason why i started to like arashi after watching maou!! hahahaha.. nah!! i just love arashi so much!!

and i hope there will be a dvd release of matsujun's stageplay ^_^


arashi car?? well i don't know anything about this.. but i just saw the post of crystalia84:P

IT'S A MITSUBISHI LANCER!!!! gosh!! i need to have money!! and i'll definitely buy that!! hhahaha:)) more maybe i'll steal one:))

hope it will be released in other countries too, right???

if not.. then i'll be envying those fangirls in US:))

oh oh oh!!! have you seen kat-tun's newest pv??? they look so cool! plus.. i like kame so much in the pv! he's so cute!!!:D

well, apparently.. they're all cute in the pv!!:)

a nice pv.. but, i didn't kind of like the music that much! :| anyway, the pv's cool and nice dance moves!!:)
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18 July 2011 @ 12:44 pm
yseterday, while i was doing my research about FAR.. i snooped around my friend's livejournal entry:)

and it had a good outcome:))

i've got the trailer of KAIBUTSU KUN!!^_^

can't wait until NOV26... ^_^

while watching the trailer... my sister said, "ang ganda ng effects! parang malaharry potter ang effects!!! hihihi"
**** the effects are nice! a harry potter alike effects****

i was like... ***pause vlc*** looked at her.... O.o

i don't care if the effects are "MALAHARRY POTTER".. i like kaibutsu kun!! hehhhehe ^_^

but one thing i can say is kaibutsu-kun 3d SAIKO!!!! ^-^


ohh.. i almost forgot! happy belated to shige!! oh-chan's fishing buddy from je!! hahhaha..

i heard he's a really hot and playboy professional photographer in hanawake!
**can somebody sub this drama???**

i want to watch it!!! SUBS PLEASE!!!



good thing someone subbed zenkai girl!! yay!! horrah!! my sister was so happy about this! nishikido ryo maniac! hahahah.. sometimes i call her RYOGITIS! hahahah:)) i know it's ewwww.. but she found it sweet!! ahahhah^_^


arashi's musical episode in shiyagare was priceless! EPIC!! hahah.. sho as the queen (nice collar bone!!), oh-chan as the king (as sho stated "DUMB KING"), nino as boatman (there's a hole in his tights >:D), matsujun as merchant (a cute merchant) and aiba as PIRATE ("WEIGH DOWN THE ANCHOR!!!!!!!!!!)

it's really priceless!! a must watch episode!! hahaha..

and i'm excited to watch shiyagare's episode with gackt! hahahah.. oh-chan was deeply moved with the virtual date with gackt!! hhahhaha:))

and kame's rumored drama!! hope it's true!!! ^_^

and another trailer of the tale of genji!! TOMA!! **no topless toma** ^^
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too bad.. kat-tun's dome tour and live event this coming summer for their 5th year anniversary were cancelled/postponed due to tohoku disaster..

to my friend who is an avid fan of kat-tun... stay tuned until next year:) kat-tun will never leave youXD

and i saw on arashi-on that the charity event title will be "嵐のワクワク学校 ~毎日がもっと輝く5つの授業~ Arashi’s exciting school, 5 classes that shine daily life more". isn't it nice.. hope i can see and watch some clips of that charity event:D

and sometimes, i envy other asian countries.. they've got chances to have live performances of their je idols like kat-tun, arashi and hsj.. T.T

for example, in thailand... there's a rumor that hsj will be performing there and it's now being negotiated.

and a while ago, while i was strolling some communities, i saw an online clip of yeterday's bistro in smapxsmap with mukai osamu! the 15 mins. clip is really worth it..XD and i saw smap's performance with justin bieber... it's kind of funny:D

i don't know why many people like justin bieber.. no matter how i think, i really don't know.. maybe it's based on each individuals' taste ^^.

and i was surprised to know that many people did attend the marching j's charity baseball event at tokyo dome:D i saw a clip of tackey!! yay!!:D
**tackey's clip really really made my day!!!! KYAA~!! ^_^**

and kame's really really good with baseball:)

i think he will be my baseball idolXD
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