03 March 2014 @ 08:39 am
Hey f-list **waves**

What's up??

I know I've been silent for the past few weeks.. But, dont worry.. I'm still alive and kicking! Rl is just too tough to handle. But some of you might think that im just lazy to post here. Well, that's a good guess.

I can say that...
50% - because of rl
50% - lazy to post something in here.

To tell you the truth, it's my daily routine to check lj from time to time. I'm really pretty much updated with things.

Speaking of updates/news..

I know that almost everybody already know that jin akanishi left johnnys. Both parties agreed and came into conclusion not to renew his exclusive contract. Sigh, it's really hard to see someone you admire go. It's really hard for me to see people leaving johnnys. But this is his own choice. We, fans, just need to support him.

another thing... Some of you might think that i'm not sharing files here anymore. It's just that i moved them to my community. You might want to join and take a visit there. [ profile] ainorakuen is a member-locked community. Membership is thru invites only. Dont worry, joining is really easy.

I'll be posting jun's new goo cm, The baby diapers cm, there in a few hours. So just wait for it.

Okay. I'll end here for now.

Btw, who uas line and twitter account. You can add or follow me up. My twitter is ai_yukage. And my line id is aiyukage.

See you there!! ^^.
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16 April 2013 @ 11:52 pm
I've been wondering on this a couple of hours ago...

while i was taking my shower, my sister suddenly called me and said, "be, is it me or this picture looks like arashi's 5x10 all the best album cover? I'm pretty sure they used it as their inspiration or source."

credits to a user in fb

this is arashi's 5x10 all the best album cover

credits to parkminnie @ wordpress

and i was like... eh?? o.O

my sister, a fan of shinee, told me that the album cover of shinee was taken in 2012. she's a graphic artist, so basically she knows how other artist like her thinks:))

but i was thinking that, where did the idea, bus-themed setting, came from? was arashi the first one or not?? o.O

.. I didn't create this entry to create some fuss. it's just me, wondering :))

another side story...

last saturday, my mom, sister and I went to cotton on. My mom's looking for a new pants:))

then suddenly, me and my sister heard a familiar tune playing.. IT'S JIN'S APRODISIAC!! XD but, we're both wrong:)) I wasn't jin. It was stan walker's light it up (same tune, but different lyrics) XD that made me search when we got back home:))

In the end, I still like jin's version. For me it's much better:D

but then again, you'll be the judge :D

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it's been a while since my last update!!! :| been helping my parents since the end of our final examination.....:|

still reading lj updates daily, downloading videos daily (can't download jdrama because megaupload doesn't want to work with me)

good thing OHNO's new cm made my tiring boring day!!!XD

here's a picture!!! tada!!!!

**power of snapshot!! hahahah**

i should definitely change my user pic.. i've been craving for oh-chan since.... 3 months??? does this mean he's my new ichiban??? XD hahhah

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14 April 2011 @ 07:56 pm
yay!!! horray for aiba!!!!:)

it's really a good news that the dvd of his stage play becomes first stage show DVD to top sales charts:D

that's great right??? i'm happy for him!! this proves his popularity.. well, not just popularity, he is a really good actor:)

he's really good and portrayed his character well in my girl!! my girl is a really really good drama:D


.... of all arashi, aiba is my least favorite.. because i'm a bit bias:P but when i saw my girl, i've come to like him:D heheheheh

ohhh.. and now, i'm excited about the movie 47 ronin:) hope that it will be shown here in my country:) this movie will be jin's first hollywood movie and his hollywood debut:D wish him good luck:D i think his character is one of the main characters together with keanu reeves:D that's nice right??XD

can't wait until november 2012:D

source will be tokyohive:D
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11 March 2011 @ 08:20 pm
tsunami and earthquake!! spare us!!

according to the news, the first wave had already struck the islands.. i'm not that sure in the next 2 hours if the second wave will come.. hope it doesn't!

hope everyone near the coast will be safe!!

by the way....

gosh!! i'm so happy to know that arashi's fine and safe! as well as jin and the rest of kat-tun, news, and kanjani8 .. but i've heard from my source that yuto of hsj is in the hospital and well, he's safe.. hope everyone here will be safe and also in japan!

good thing that my friend's cousin is safe!!:D

pray pray pray!! :]
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04 March 2011 @ 09:06 pm
just another ordinary day..:) nothing special

i've already heard jin's single (eternal)!! it's really really nice:)
i just can't take my eyes from its cover, it's nicely made:)

congrats to jin and to all the akanishi fans around the world!! his single really sells well ^__^

by the way, i saw the new cm of kame:) he's so cool!! but, he's a little bit chubby:P
**no offense** XD
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