14 April 2017 @ 04:02 pm
guys! have you read lj's new terms and conditions? or you just clicked i accept without reading it all..

gosh, i clicked accept without reading it.. then i was wondering why some lj users and communities are moving to dreamwidth. soooo, i did some research.. hahah! now, i understand

good thing i already have my dw account since 2012. great, isn't it? but when i checked it out.. i didn't post a single entry. Am I that lazy? hahah!

I decided to make lj my primary account and dw as my back-up account.. so, all of my posts (including the old ones) will be there too.

DW account HERE see you guys there~!!

have you seen arashi's i'll be there spot cm? how about the sample track?


here's the copy for the spot cm and sample track
** video resolution - 960 width (mp4 format) [0:15]
** sample track (mp3 format) [0:40]

these are posted in j storm's web.. you can check it out HERE

please note that i personally ripped these in their website.. so please, don't post the link anywhere.

pw: sol_cm

f-locked in 3 days

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23 May 2014 @ 10:56 pm

It's been months since my last post.

Posting here feels great. I don't know why. Really.

Maybe i just miss this place. or I just miss posting. XD

I probably won't be around here until mid-june. I'll be taking a do or die exam. and I really really hope i could pass it.

My dear f-list, please update me once i'm back from my haitus. okay? okay??

oh, here's some goodies before my haitus.

1. Aiba muhi ex
2. Nino's salonpas cm
3. Sakumoto JAL cm

All the links are posted in ainorakuen. Joining id pretty much easy. Promise!

Other cms will there soon. Maybe after my exam:)))

Btw, i noticed that not all of the 5x10 all the best commentary clips are subbed.

Who wants it??

Actually im planning to sub it. if i pass the exam. that's a fact.

I'll do my best. So You also do your best.

If you have twitter account or line, we can still talk over there even if im on haitus!

Ja ne!
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07 December 2013 @ 08:24 pm
this is my second post for today~~

i would like to share one side story.. the other day, when it was announced in the news that oh-chan and aiba-chan would be appearing in the new kirin mets cola cm, i went to kirin's webpage to stalk. and i found out that ORLANDO BLOOM was the endorser of kirin mets cola. ^^.


MEGA I'm taking the link down because of a RULE BREAKER. sorry. please read THIS


MEGA I'm taking the link down because of a RULE BREAKER. sorry. please read THIS


both files only last for 15s.. mediafire is acting up on me, so i used MEGA.


keep the files among yourselves.

p.s. will f-lock in 3 days:)
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15 September 2013 @ 04:49 pm
i promise myself to post something in celebration of arashi's 14th anniversary.. my usual excuse of being lazy is not allowed!! LOL XD

arashi is...

a japanese boy band/group
a group of idols
a group of adorkable guys
a group composed of 5 people now in their 30s
a group made by johnny kitagawa
a national super idol group of japan
a group of guys being debuted in hawaii 14 years ago

but no matter how many years will pass, i'll still be one of the million fans who will continue to support them no matter what. their happiness is my happiness too XD

arashi might be yucky to some people, but i have an undying love for them..

they made my day bright and colorful
they made me happy when i'm down
they made me see the brighter side of things
they made me see the importance of little things
they made me see a brighter future
they made me realize the importance of my friends, family and of course, my life


they made hold on to my DREAMS and GOALS in life <3

14 years might be too short and too long for some people, but arashi never seizes to inspire us in their own special ways. they make us cry, they make us laugh, and they make us ALIVE


ehem, this post is already long, i'm being carried away. so i'll stop now.

as a celebration to this wonderful day,

i bring you....

1. dear snow red ed.

2. callingxbreathless reg ed.

the files are all in .m4a.. i ripped them using itunes.. don't worry, the files are working. i've already used them in my ipod. heheheh ^^.

these might be old, but i treasure them so much. so treasure these files by keeping it to yourselves.


p.s. in lieu of this celebration, i'll keep these files public for 1 week ^^.
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18 May 2013 @ 09:24 pm

kamenashi kazuya's the plus one guest in vs arashi!!!

I love it when any je boys come to arashi's variety shows.. :D

so forgive me for spamming :))

 photo vsa22_zpsfa5550f3.gif

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04 April 2013 @ 08:33 pm
Well, apparently I just need to let this out!!!

KYA~!!!!!!!!!!! the moment I've been waiting for!!

I totally SHIP this pairing!!

 photo sakuraiba-kiss_zps053ae9e1.gif

want to see a clip of it??:))

Hope you'll flail, spazz and enjoy as much as I do <3

video's not mine:) rightful credit to the owner :P
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22 December 2012 @ 08:09 pm
**dies** dec.26 is the release date of arafes concert dvd. Some fans already got their copy. :)

in short, LEAKS are invading the net XD LOL so a friend told me that she had found the members' solo performance in yt. hahah! she happily linked it to me.. and gosh! jun nearly killed me.. **faints**

the cameraman really knows how to tease fangirls by zooming and focusing the members' lower body when their doing the hip thrust.. XD LOL I'll update this post again, I'll make a gif as a proof! hahahaha XD LOL

off to church!! XD



i just love this cameraman! ^__^

and of course! I love this helplessly priceless cute moment.. :D


you can watch the solos here:) Credits to the original uploaders in yt:D Solo perf in AMNOS order:)


tokei jikake no umbrella! This is one of my favorites:D

enjoy!!!! <3

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04 October 2012 @ 05:11 pm
First of all..

OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU to ueda!! ^__^ he'll always be my no.1 boxer :)

Is it true that aiba was chosen again as the best jeanist for this year? someone just told me that a while ago.

so who wants to buy arafes replica shirt? since oct15's the deadline for the orders, i thought of posting again here in lj:)


you want it? XD it's only US$10 :P

just pm me if you're interested ^_______^
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i'm officially burnout!!!

i've been patiently staring and searching for landscape elements that will suit the tropical climate.. i've been searching for hours.. unfortunately, no good results

why did i ever took landscaping for my sp subject??? O.o damn it!

good thing...

arashi never fails to brighten up my day:)

finally, they're complete! not just 2 members! yay!! so happy about this:)

there's an online voting for mannequin 5 just like the sp had in spring:) it's kind of hard to know whose clothes coordination was it:))

i think the theme is "the clothes you want your boyfriend to wear":)

overseas fans can vote again!! yatta~~! here's the link >>

yay!! you can just google translate the whole page if you don't know how to read japanese:)

Read more )
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