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2037-12-31 06:09 pm

master post ver1.0 + updates

There's some updates with this post so please take time to read this again:)


Since my lj isn't just for my random flailings about je boys and other stuffs, I've decided to make this master post ver1.0 public.

I've been pondering about it lately, because I feel like that my entries with links on them are scattered. So i did this for my own sake and it would make other people's life easier to find those posts.

While the masterpost ver1.1 is not open for public. well, it doesn't make any difference. It's just that I would post all the direct links there without redirecting you to my posts. This is just for my reference. It will just make my life easier. Oh and there might be some links that didn't share here in my lj which i shared in [ profile] je_syndrome

~ duet 07.2010 (tackey pages only)

~ kat-tun star rider

~ howie d. feat shirota if i say
~ Shirota yu feat. howie d. worth fighting for
~ kat-tun fumetsu no scrum
~ one ok rock the beginning
~ nakayama yuma missing piece
~ yamashita tomohisa ke sera sera

~ sho jins airframe alpha
~ sho nissan note
~ ohno+aiba nissan serena 30s
~ ohno+aiba nissan serena 60s
~ nino nissan note
~ ohno+sho+aiba nissan cube
~ aiba uha short ver
~ aiba uha longer ver
~ aiba uha making
~ ohno lawson onigiri short ver
~ ohno lawson onigiri longer ver
~ ohno lawson onigiri interview
~ sho aflac xmas
~ jun nissan note
~ nino jcb xmas 15s
~ nino jcb xmas 30s
~ sho jins pc
~ sho jins blue light protection
~ sho jins pc making
~ sho oronamin c 30sl
~ toma toyota vitz 30s
~ Kat-tun suzuki solio black and white II
~ arashi nissan marine
~ jun nino nissan note
~ nino pocky devil
~ nino pocky devil snow day
~ nino pocky devil snow day making
~ ohba nissan wanko soba 30s
~ ohba nissan wanko soba 60s
~ jun meiji
~ ohno allegra ver1
~ ohno allegra ver2
~ jun elle air +water
~ sho benesse tablet movie answer
~ sho benesse tablet live lesson
~ sho benesse tablet making
~ Kat-tun bandit 15s
~ Kat-tun bandit 30s
~ Kat-tun bandit making
~ arashi JAL ver1
~ arashi JAL ver2
~ A,N,O kirin peace
~ nino jcb 15s
~ nino jcb 30s
~ ohno naive 15s
~ ohno naive 30s
~ nino nisshin oillio
~ sho aflac
~ aiba uha gumi ver1
~ aiba uha gumi ver2
~ aiba uha gumi making
~ ohno nissan innovation that excites
~ sho JINS
~ nino pocky devil with obachan
~ tackey the global balloon
~ nino salonpas ver1
~ sho oranamin c training
~ sho oranamin c jyunbiok
~ ohno lawson onigiri furusato
~ sho nissan leaf
~ nino nissan note no.1
~ ohno nissan no.1
~ ohno lawson osusume
~ ohno lawson osusume making
~ arashi kirin green label smile
~ kame aoki on air
~ kame aoki on air making
~ arashi jal around labo 15s
~ arashi jal around labo 30s
~ arashi jal around labo making
~ sho jins pc 15s
~ sho jins pc 30s
~ sho jins pc making
~ kat-tun solio free time
~ kat-tun solio making
~ jun nissan dayz
matsujun nino hitachi microwave
matsujun nino hitachi microwave making
ohno nino hitachi washing machine
ohno nino hitachi washing machine making
nino salonpas ver 2
nino salonpas ver 3
arashi kirin new
sho oronamin c 15s
sho oronamin c 30s
toma ikuta ariel
toma ikuta irodori
ohno jun nissan cm
ohno aiba hitachi vacuum cleaner
nino jcb daruma doll 15s
nino jcb daruma doll 30s
sho jins kageyama version
sho jins kageyama version making
ohno, jun, nino nissan (sensor)
nino jcb daruma doll 45s
ohno, sho, aiba nissan (sensor)
nino pocky new friend

~ arashi kirin
~ sho aflac xmas
~ Kat-tun suzuki solio black and white II
~ arashi nissan marine
~ A,N,O kirin peace
~ nino jcb
~ aiba uha gumi
~ aiba muhi arufa ex

~ toma ikuta nou otoko
~ toma ikuta nou otoko
~ matsujun hidamari no kanojo
matsujun hidamari no kanojo ver2

~ yamashita tomohisa talk and performance 2012 new year shanghai dragon tv

i wont upload download links here anymore, so if you want the download links I prefer you to join this community, [ profile] ainorakuen, this community is a community where i share and keep my fandom files. files ranges from raw cms, discographies, a subbed clip and other videos/clips. you might also want to join [ profile] je_syndrome, this community caters je boys/groups. although the community is now on indefinite haitus


You might want to read this for the links and tags

I just feel like changing it before christmas.. I've been using the old one for a couple of months already.. hahah! I might dwell on this for a couple of months again..

since I've changed my layout, a friend of mine pm-ed me about the location of the tags and links.. :) these 2 links can be found AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WEBPAGE if you placed your cursor over there. hehhhehh ^__^

credits to [ profile] milou_veronica for the stylesheet
credits to [ profile] okimiyage for the mood theme


As i'm sharing some dl links, i would like you to follow my simple rules. These rules won't bite people off. So please follow them with all your heart.

* do not re-upload, redistribute, resell and hotlink all the files being shared.
* if you want to share it with your friends, just link them back here.
* do not forget to credit if you are going to use the files. please use "SoL" only.

p.s. I stalked and ripped those websites to provide dl links. Unless i credited someone whom i also asked permission too.

I don't bite, hunt or kill people, so if you want to ask something, don't hesitate to send me a pm :) i'm always usually online, even though sometimes i don't post anything.


I've decided to lock all my entries with dl links to friends only. You can join the community, [ profile] ainorakuen and [ profile] je_syndrome if you just want the dl links. Don't worry joining is so much easy. :D

Well, it's because i was shocked when i saw the number of people who dl-ed the links. The difference between the number of the people who thanked me and the number of people who dl-ed the links in mf are so huge.. gosh. I'm not over exaggerating, but i won't put my MF account in danger. You know what i mean. And i want to protect my files and keep it moderated. ^^.

plus i'm not sharing links here anymore because of the rule breaking incident. sadly, these things ended up this way


 photo aiba-eat-au-wi-max.gif

how about we have a little chit chat while our miracle boy is having fun with his snack!

Hi! You guys can call me ai. That's what my friends call me. I love arashi (a lot). I love almost all JE boys so much! i love jdramas and jmovie. I love non-JE actors (kiriyama renn, miura haruma, hiraoka yuta, hongo kanata, masaki okada, kioke teppei, mizubata junpei, mizushima hiro, matsuda shota and too many to mention XD ) and actress (horikita maki, anne, aragaki yui, kuroki meisa, toda erika, yoshitaka yuriko and many more), singers and nico nico dancers as well. well, please include other international actors and actresses like brad pitt and the list would go on ^__^
I post about random stuffs!
I flail, spazz, and rant.
This lj is about my fandom, thoughts and RL
Post with dl links (JE and NON-JE) will be under f-lock.

I don't mind if you add me as a friend. But, i don't add back people with empty journals unless we already had some chit chat together. There's no sense adding you back if we don't talk, flail or spazz together, right? How about let's talk for a bit and get to know each other:P

 photo sho-sakurai-and-the-parrot.gif

If you still want to be my friend, you've been warned, just add me up and send me a pm or comment on this post. Be my guest! ^__^ I'll add you back.:)

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2017-04-15 03:28 pm

j's kirin afternoon tea cm and toma's suntory mario cm


today's saturday and tonight's the big night!! ARASHI NI SHIYAGARE 3hr SP!!

yay~!! yamapi~!! kame~!! jun~!! i'm just too excited to see the 3 of them in 1 show =)

anyway, i'm just dropping these cms
1. j's kirin afternoon tea

**2 15s cms in one link

2. toma's suntory dekavita c

** 3 cms in 1 link (15s, 30s and 60s)


pw: sol_cm

source: kirin and suntory

a simple thanks will brighten up my day :P

remember my rules!


f-locked in 3 days

here's some addition pics of JUN

*sigh* isn't he super handsome??

i just can't stop staring at him
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2017-04-14 04:02 pm

updates (rl and fandom)

guys! have you read lj's new terms and conditions? or you just clicked i accept without reading it all..

gosh, i clicked accept without reading it.. then i was wondering why some lj users and communities are moving to dreamwidth. soooo, i did some research.. hahah! now, i understand

good thing i already have my dw account since 2012. great, isn't it? but when i checked it out.. i didn't post a single entry. Am I that lazy? hahah!

I decided to make lj my primary account and dw as my back-up account.. so, all of my posts (including the old ones) will be there too.

DW account HERE see you guys there~!!

have you seen arashi's i'll be there spot cm? how about the sample track?


here's the copy for the spot cm and sample track
** video resolution - 960 width (mp4 format) [0:15]
** sample track (mp3 format) [0:40]

these are posted in j storm's web.. you can check it out HERE

please note that i personally ripped these in their website.. so please, don't post the link anywhere.

pw: sol_cm

f-locked in 3 days

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2017-04-14 02:38 pm
Entry tags:

first post


this is my first time posting here =)

some lj users already moved here because of lj's new terms and condition, so i decided to make this account active. 

my lj will still be active.. i decided to make my lj the primary account, and this will be my back-up account.

anything posted in my lj will also be posted here.

here's my lj account =) [ profile] slants_of_light 

in a few days, all of my old lj entries will be posted here.

i'm still familiarizing myself here! ahhaha! although, i have this account since 2012 =)


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2014-09-06 03:53 pm
Entry tags:

**waves** i'm back and help please??


it's been months since my last post because of my preparation for the board exam




i passed the exam last june. ^___^ yay!!! **throws confetti**

been busy with some stuffs so i didnt have time to update my lj :|

so now, i'm back for good:) back with my fangirl life.. gosh, how i miss this life. i miss you all!

can someone please update me?? LOL. well, i'm serious here.. is there anything i missed other than arashi's 15th anniversary in hawaii? o.O

wait.. and what's with j's hair? is there any new projects for him?? ^__6

anyway, i will keep my promise about subbing the 5x10 all the best clips.. but first, i need help.. where can i get hold of the raw? or how can i rip the dvd? hahaha

any help would do. i will greatly appreciate it. ^___^

will post another 2 entries here.. will share some cm love here :D
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2014-05-23 10:56 pm

still alive and kicking


It's been months since my last post.

Posting here feels great. I don't know why. Really.

Maybe i just miss this place. or I just miss posting. XD

I probably won't be around here until mid-june. I'll be taking a do or die exam. and I really really hope i could pass it.

My dear f-list, please update me once i'm back from my haitus. okay? okay??

oh, here's some goodies before my haitus.

1. Aiba muhi ex
2. Nino's salonpas cm
3. Sakumoto JAL cm

All the links are posted in ainorakuen. Joining id pretty much easy. Promise!

Other cms will there soon. Maybe after my exam:)))

Btw, i noticed that not all of the 5x10 all the best commentary clips are subbed.

Who wants it??

Actually im planning to sub it. if i pass the exam. that's a fact.

I'll do my best. So You also do your best.

If you have twitter account or line, we can still talk over there even if im on haitus!

Ja ne!
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2014-05-23 10:53 pm

rough translation: face to face making of

This is my last post before my hiatus. Don't worry i'll be back mid-june.

Below is a rough translation of kattun's face to face making of.

I really don't know if somebody already subbed it. If someone already did, then please don't mind this:)

I didnt translate the game part since i didn't understand it well. Also there might be some error with the grammar since i don't have time to double check it. I did this rough translation almost a year ago.

Also the translation isn't 100% accurate. So don't expect too much.

btw, i didn't indicate in the rough translation who said the lines. i will definitely update this post if no one had ever subbed this.

Without further ado...

Read more... )

Please don't claim the translation as your own.

If you want to ask something, dont hesitate to send me a pm.

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2014-03-03 08:39 am
Entry tags:

hey what's up~!!

Hey f-list **waves**

What's up??

I know I've been silent for the past few weeks.. But, dont worry.. I'm still alive and kicking! Rl is just too tough to handle. But some of you might think that im just lazy to post here. Well, that's a good guess.

I can say that...
50% - because of rl
50% - lazy to post something in here.

To tell you the truth, it's my daily routine to check lj from time to time. I'm really pretty much updated with things.

Speaking of updates/news..

I know that almost everybody already know that jin akanishi left johnnys. Both parties agreed and came into conclusion not to renew his exclusive contract. Sigh, it's really hard to see someone you admire go. It's really hard for me to see people leaving johnnys. But this is his own choice. We, fans, just need to support him.

another thing... Some of you might think that i'm not sharing files here anymore. It's just that i moved them to my community. You might want to join and take a visit there. [ profile] ainorakuen is a member-locked community. Membership is thru invites only. Dont worry, joining is really easy.

I'll be posting jun's new goo cm, The baby diapers cm, there in a few hours. So just wait for it.

Okay. I'll end here for now.

Btw, who uas line and twitter account. You can add or follow me up. My twitter is ai_yukage. And my line id is aiyukage.

See you there!! ^^.
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2014-01-02 10:54 pm

happy new year~!!

my first entry for this year!!! woohooo!!!

am i too late?? ^^.

2013, hmmm.. what can i say. that year was indeed tough. i had sleepless nights, worries, insecurities, and the likes.. but hey, i made it through! it's a challenging year but i have no regrets. so 2014, let's do this! i would face another wave of challenges. that includes my board exam :|

so i wish everyone all the best in life! ^^. let's do our best together! gambarimasu~

btw, how are you guys doing??

anyway, since it's new year, i posted some awesome stuffs in my community, [ profile] ainorakuen

i posted the new version, party, of kirin mets cola.. i love that version so much!


and i also posted toma's movie trailer and teaser. and of course, i flailed a lot when i saw it. so i thought i'd share it since i took some effort stalking the website XD LOL



tadah, i know it's obscene to some people.. but... but.. he's too sexy and hot~!!!! **nosebleed**

omg, i just can't wait for this movie~!!!

you can get the cm and the trailer HERE. although, you have to join the community first. don't worry, joining is pretty much easy! oh, and membership is through invites only. so dont forget to comment first on the how to join post so i can send you an invite!
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2013-12-25 11:21 pm
Entry tags:

what's new


since it's the season to love, to forgive and to share, i decided to create a new community, [ profile] ainorakuen, where i can share and keep my je and non-je fandom files. posts are available to members only. so you have to join the community. i can say that joining is pretty much easy if you are indeed a JE fan, since mostly all communities do let you comment on stuffs before joining. membership is through by invitation only.

I know some people will think that i'm making lives miserable by doing this stuff. But i'm doing this because i have a reason. the reason for me to protect my files. I don't want the rule breaking incident to happen again to me. or at least i'm trying my best to lessen the possibility of that kind of incident.

currently, all the backlogged posts are all done as well as the masterpost.

I'm currently sharing the jcb, kirin mets cola and the new nissan cms there. You can join HERE.

new year is around the corner, so why not have a fresh new start, i wish everybody who would join the community an awesome stay and let's make it a rainbow filled fun community.

wait, i'm not leaving this lj account. i will still be active=)) if you want to be my friend, then go ahead, i dont mind.

SO let's meet again here and and at the same time, let's have fun in [ profile] ainorakuen
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2013-12-09 12:04 am
Entry tags:



well, i'm just too sick of those people in this ARASHI FANDOM who can't even follow single damn rule. why do i see my dl links of the newly shared cms on twitter? didn't i make myself clear not to share the links outside my lj account? GOSH, THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF.

I usually share dl links for the cms i got/ripped from the webpage. out of love, i always share it with this fandom, i trust and believe people will follow my rules.

is this how you respect me?!

i don't care if people wonit say thank you for every links that i've been sharing, but at least i'm expecting them to follow my rules. i always give time, usually 3 days to download it before i placed my entry to f-lock.

i know some people will say that i'm being selfish or whatsoever.. i'm just protecting those files. and I WANT THOSE LINKS DOWN!! damn it!

if you want to share the dl links to your friends, just tell them where you get it. and at least tell them in a private way. DONT LINK MY LJ ACCOUNT and DONT LINK THOSE DOWNLOAD LINKS

moving on, here's the RULE BREAKER >>

how did i know that those are my links?! well, lucky i just stumbled upon the tweet. saw the links being shared are in MEGA and says that it will be locked in 3 days. these made me curious and looked to my own download links. they're the same. but, the links are not working. HOW CAN I TELL IT'S MINE? well, good thing i notice that i only have to change a few numbers and letters to number sign for me to make the links work.

this is what i'm talking/explaining about:!hB5DBbwY!SZIhmnhacNsCmK02A8qkzBeSIU4DaK5SZbN_jUU6Qps >> this is the link being shared!hB5DBbwY!SZIhmnhacNsCmK02A8qkzBeSIU4DaK5SZbN_jUU6Qps >> this is my link

if you can clearly see, the only difference is this %2523. coincidence? O.o hell no!

so i had the screenshot what they tweeted as an evidence. i really don't tolerate this kind of behavior.

rule breaker

i'm not someone who's big in this fandom and you do this kind of things

so what will happen now? i take down the links, change them to other links and f-lock my post. give me a time to clear my mind.

and dear fandom, please help me talk to the admins to delete their tweets and properly talked to me. i don't want innocent fans to be affected by this situation
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2013-12-07 08:24 pm

tennen pair for kirin mets cola

this is my second post for today~~

i would like to share one side story.. the other day, when it was announced in the news that oh-chan and aiba-chan would be appearing in the new kirin mets cola cm, i went to kirin's webpage to stalk. and i found out that ORLANDO BLOOM was the endorser of kirin mets cola. ^^.


MEGA I'm taking the link down because of a RULE BREAKER. sorry. please read THIS


MEGA I'm taking the link down because of a RULE BREAKER. sorry. please read THIS


both files only last for 15s.. mediafire is acting up on me, so i used MEGA.


keep the files among yourselves.

p.s. will f-lock in 3 days:)
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2013-12-07 06:13 pm

neen's new jcb cm


nino's back with a new jcb cm ^^. i love jcb cms next to devil nino pocky cms..

too bad, the frog wasn't included in these cms >.<


MEGA I'm taking the link down because of a RULE BREAKER. sorry. please read THIS

gosh, i wanted to make a gif out of this :| too bad, i'm too lazy to install photoshop here in my laptop

MEGA I'm taking the link down because of a RULE BREAKER. sorry. please read THIS


please keep the files among yourselves:) no re-ups please! thanks:)

p.s. will f-lock in 3 days

**my mediafire is acting up, so i'll use mega for now**
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2013-12-04 10:59 pm

simple little things i LOVE <3

another personal and random entry.. subject says it all!
**wait, no dl links? >> bear with me :P LOL**

christmas is just around the corner, so i can smell the season of LOVE. ^^.

credits: google images/to the rightful owner
this is so TRUE~!! am i right?

just the other day, i received my package from [ profile] airupnorth. **hugs you tightly!! thank you so much!!**
credits to the rightful owner



this is definitely love.. you guys don't know how freakin' happy i am until now :P even though i paid a postal fee and such at my local post

finally, i have my own ARASHI POPCORN REPLICA SHIRT~~!! yeah~~ i remember the time when i was a bit sad when arashi didn't have any official popcorn shirt being sold during their concert..

my friend is currently taking orders for it, and i bought one ^^.

just got this picture through her fb page:)

the design quite looks the same, right? ^^.

but i'll take this opportunity to have a shameless promotion=)) you might want to buy it, so here's the link: oh, and she's open for international buyers too XD

plus, whoever wants to buy a brand new 24 hr tv shirt (2013 official white M size). i bought a wrong size T_T pm me for details:)

**goes back to flail world to watch arashi's fns perf**
for me, i really dont care if they sing live or not, as long as i see them performing and i see them happy ^^. selfish? yeah!
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2013-11-26 11:25 pm

happy birthday oh-chan

wait! it's 11pm here. so it's still satoshi's birthday ^^. LOL XD

 photo ohno1_zpse02f8cd3.gif

otanjoubi omedetou oh-chan~~

 photo ohno-growl-au.gif

 photo ohno-jump-au.gif

can't believe that this awesome guy is already 33 years old. oh-chan is the reason why i'm into arashi fandom. i was maou-baited. hahaha! i watched maou because TOMA was there. i hate him so much for a couple of episode; then suddenly, without noticing it, i love him. this proves that he is a great actor, i was carried away with his acting =)

For me, Satoshi is...
a leader of a national super-idol group called ARASHI
a mama's boy
an airhead
a great actor
a talented person
a guy who loves fishing
a awesome dancer and singer (i really tend to fall for guys who dances)
... and the list goes on.... well, there goes his bad sides too XD

he may be imperfect, but his imperfections are also the reasons why i love him ^^.

 photo ohno___O____o.gif
kya~!! **melts**

oh, and happy birthday to maru~!!! :P

 photo ohno-wave.gif
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2013-10-09 09:45 pm

mixed emotions T__T je, doushite??

JE, why did you terminate koki's exclusive contract?? why can't he just be suspended from all kt's activities for some months???

this news really shocked me.. october is a month when a je artist leaves a group!! first, NEWS. now, KT!

bad behavior? rule breaker? a troublemaker? **cries** i really believe that there will come a day that koki and je would release a better and detailed explanation. They leave us hanging (-.-)

there are lots of various opinions i've heard. some says it's for the best.

i've already read the members' individual messages.. as for me, i'll continue to support KAT-TUN. i wont leave them, i'll stand by them.. it's really a shame that some people leave fandoms because the group losses a member.

Koki will always be the LORD/JOKER.
KAT-TUN fans will always be hyphens/royal subjects
KAT-TUN is still KAT-TUN as long as we believe in them.

to all hyphens out there, i know this news saddened us. it's really heartbreaking.. let's just support KAT-TUN and Koki in whatever way we can
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2013-10-07 11:29 pm

happy happy birthday TOMA~!! <3


i wish toma all the best in life ^___^

my friend and i celebrated his birthday 3 days ago=))) yeah, i know we're a bit too excited for it! LOL. it's just that we don't have a free time during weekdays (-.-)

how did we celebrate? XD sorry, but there's no cake.. we're too poor for that! we just decided to eat at a local restaurant.. tada~!! here's my food!


since today is toma's birthday, good things happened today..
1. i didn't have a stressful day
2. lucky, i was already boarding the train back home before the train management announced that there would be no trains available in the next few minutes/hours due to technical difficulty.
3. a package was sent to me... guess what.. it's a poster/flyer of toma!! KYaaaaa~!!!! i had a sudden major rainbow explosion!!! hahahah LOL **faints and melts**




thanks to mklia @ lj ^___^ **hugs**

and since toma's the topic.. i know a lot of us had already saw mogura no uta trailer! all i can say is that he's truly an amazing versatile actor.

from romance, to comedy and to action... and to this...

credits to strawberry_gemm @ lj

can someone pass me a box of tissue? i'm having a major nosebleed!! XD
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2013-09-15 04:49 pm

<3<3<3 5x14 <3<3<3

i promise myself to post something in celebration of arashi's 14th anniversary.. my usual excuse of being lazy is not allowed!! LOL XD

arashi is...

a japanese boy band/group
a group of idols
a group of adorkable guys
a group composed of 5 people now in their 30s
a group made by johnny kitagawa
a national super idol group of japan
a group of guys being debuted in hawaii 14 years ago

but no matter how many years will pass, i'll still be one of the million fans who will continue to support them no matter what. their happiness is my happiness too XD

arashi might be yucky to some people, but i have an undying love for them..

they made my day bright and colorful
they made me happy when i'm down
they made me see the brighter side of things
they made me see the importance of little things
they made me see a brighter future
they made me realize the importance of my friends, family and of course, my life


they made hold on to my DREAMS and GOALS in life <3

14 years might be too short and too long for some people, but arashi never seizes to inspire us in their own special ways. they make us cry, they make us laugh, and they make us ALIVE


ehem, this post is already long, i'm being carried away. so i'll stop now.

as a celebration to this wonderful day,

i bring you....

1. dear snow red ed.

2. callingxbreathless reg ed.

the files are all in .m4a.. i ripped them using itunes.. don't worry, the files are working. i've already used them in my ipod. heheheh ^^.

these might be old, but i treasure them so much. so treasure these files by keeping it to yourselves.


p.s. in lieu of this celebration, i'll keep these files public for 1 week ^^.
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2013-09-02 08:49 pm

belated happy birthday J ^^.

i'm so late for posting a birthday greeting for J's 30th birthday..>.< i'm just lazy posting something in here! i blame RL=)) HIHIHI

 photo jun1_zps7e96166e.gif

dear j,

you may be a DOS,
you may be a tsundere,
you may be a diva,
but you will always be my J, who's gentle, cute and adorable.
you'll always be my forever "MOMO" ^__^

this year, i never had a chance to celebrate his birthday.. i have no money.. funny thing is that i have a work, but i have no money >.< life is so harsh

gosh, i can't believe that all of arashi members are in their 30's..!!

time really runs fast. it's september now. a few more days, we'll celebrate arashi's anniversary together with the 100 days christmas countdown :P

i don't have anything to share as of now, but i will share something on the day of their anniversary ^__^ heheheheh
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2013-08-20 08:33 pm

it's me being so random... AGAIN XD

Hmm, where do i start??

Hhahahah!! So, here goes!

The other day, my auntie (dad's younger sister) came to visit us. She's living in hong kong and went to japan for a couple of days for a business trip. And she gave me these:))) **minus the eyeglasses**


I never thought that she would gave these stuffs to me. and I never thought that she would tolerate my craziness above these adorkable boys:)

By the way, thanks to [ profile] hansuke2212 younger sister's [ profile] kiirameku who gave me this *dear snow reg ed** the other month.


That brighten up my whole day XD lol

And i can't stop flailing over my new eyeglasses. Although it's not jins airframe, it's still jins:)))


I never realized that red colored frame suits me ^_^

Sigh! I'm just writing this entry because i'm pretty bored right now. There's flooding outside our house. It's all because of the southwest monsoon. Crap! And it's raining cats and dogs for hours. T.T and it won't even stop. :(

For those people who are in the same situation as mine, keep safe, warm and dry.