06 September 2014 @ 03:53 pm

it's been months since my last post because of my preparation for the board exam




i passed the exam last june. ^___^ yay!!! **throws confetti**

been busy with some stuffs so i didnt have time to update my lj :|

so now, i'm back for good:) back with my fangirl life.. gosh, how i miss this life. i miss you all!

can someone please update me?? LOL. well, i'm serious here.. is there anything i missed other than arashi's 15th anniversary in hawaii? o.O

wait.. and what's with j's hair? is there any new projects for him?? ^__6

anyway, i will keep my promise about subbing the 5x10 all the best clips.. but first, i need help.. where can i get hold of the raw? or how can i rip the dvd? hahaha

any help would do. i will greatly appreciate it. ^___^

will post another 2 entries here.. will share some cm love here :D
Current Mood: accomplished
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