This is my last post before my hiatus. Don't worry i'll be back mid-june.

Below is a rough translation of kattun's face to face making of.

I really don't know if somebody already subbed it. If someone already did, then please don't mind this:)

I didnt translate the game part since i didn't understand it well. Also there might be some error with the grammar since i don't have time to double check it. I did this rough translation almost a year ago.

Also the translation isn't 100% accurate. So don't expect too much.

btw, i didn't indicate in the rough translation who said the lines. i will definitely update this post if no one had ever subbed this.

Without further ado...

Because we're going to shoot "Face to Face" PV
All of us 5 members gather here
the solo scene will be the first one to shoot
All of us 5 members went to new york to participate with the dance lessons
but i regret that this time around there's no dance
so there's a little a bit that wont be display

certainly, skill is also an aspect
and how to relate it to the heart and mind of the viewers
thinking of studying all of these
if the viewers feel these ideas then, it is good

if you'll excuse me
we'll start shooting this scene now
this one is the face to face's feel
like at the time others will also take part of singing with this feeling
thinking of filming this kind.
these 2 camera shot are all going to film at the same time
the wanted effect is like having a silent talk to oneself
then the time to release this feeling will be at the secondary verse
and then you don't need to focus on the camera okay
okay then that would be the result
and that is the feeling
please take good care of me

As it is, as I am I'll keep carving it all into history
Until my real heart is crushed over and over again

you first
then change
then until this part

this time around, hmm.. how can to say..
the said set is not as good as the said background until now i haven't came cross with it
this has art flavor of singing in the world
then afterwards would add up many image
really has an impossibly dim feeling/atmosphere
from the inside, one can find this bright feeling
these all can possibly apear in the PV

the recording was december last year, it's 4 months earlier
so, i can't remember some of it
and it was recorded with the same time with EXPOSE
forgot them all a bit

this is the first
this one would turnout to be normal

can we start already?
im under your care

in the mirror, there's another oneself anf another oneself that would have the face to face look feeling/atmosphere

in that way, on this side is the real one feeling/atmosphere
ah, would stand on that side
then stand like this
turn around
that's good

ready start action
ready start shooting/to start an engine
it's starting already
this atmosphere is right, right?
made it very natural

the feeling of ma and me talking
this video is made up of this kind of idea
although the filming process is difficult
but the result is also meaningful
will i lean by the wall?
this wont collapse like "bang", right?
it wont

the look would be from the outside to inside, right?
yes. yes.

today, it seems like we would be filmed one by one
then after this all of us 5 member would gather together
don't worry

like that
like that
like that
like that
like that
like that
like that
like that
afterwards, what to do?
then how about let's play drawing guessing game
use your non-dominant hand in drawing is much more interesting
like this?
i'm right handed
right handed
it can be guessed in one stroke
then let's play pin pon
pinpon school bag
pinpon alarm clock
pinpon school bag
pinpon giraffe
huh?? huh???
this drawing is pretty bad
unexpectedly, it's a giraffee
you still can identify it, right?
because the neck is very long
you've guessed it right
what is this?
that one? that's the mouth
it can change to a big mouth how is that possible?

ahh, really bad
it's time to shoot
it's time to shoot
the light/flash
the flash is too strong
you are the first one
so don't make unneccessary move
to strike open
yes yes
like that
taguchi-san, the official shooting will be until to you
ah, not me
it's going to be like a strong wind that is being opened
yes yes like that ahh this one was interchanged
seriously finding it? seriously
finding correct
ueda-san, could you please move a bit to the left?
good tanaka-san, please move a bit to the right
good thank you tanaka-san, please look up a bit
good thank you

officially filming start

at the beginning, everybody's gaze are all scattered
after hearing action, everybody's gaze should be all together at the camera
this one would be the last one
ready start
the dance is divided with left hand power and the right hand power
this time around, there's a new direction
what is it?
me me tell me
not to seek other people note: sun no hand
let me say
dance at the left side dance at the right side
dance at the left side dance at the right side deep note: oo no hand
it's not right
dance at the left side dance at the right side expert
ohh looks like it is
dance at the left side dance at the right side get it note: equal to an ending te
your brain's pretty good
that household stuffs return is not covered
okay continue
if it's you who would return the dare, how will you say?
yes yes in fact is it taguchi
dance at the left side dance at the right side latte equal to an ending
ahh good fashion good fashion
ahh good good very interesting

this one have a whole body shoot in a place that you don't know/imagine
a proper walk would be great
and to pass by each other okay
okay, we understand
everybody leisurely move by walk alone
in a short span of time, you can choose not to appear in the scene
that will definitely cause a problem
there's no household furniture there like this?
did that household furniture went out already?
how come did the things disappear?

good follow me let's do another round
let's do this together
unexpected/accident maybe not right a cheater
you're not allowed in that specific place
ueda-san,change/mend your ways
everybody, all together
ueda, one two one two ready
you're on that side?
come over
uwah~! you frightened me
what's this sound?
it made the people frightened
the sound changed much better if no one sees it
you're limit
walk back in one straight line
from the start, we'll start one by one by forming a slanted line
ahh.. then that's the way to walk right
that's it
hey then give us the position where we'll stand
then how about when we'll return back?
as for returning back, then we'll start from tanaka
it'll be looking good
to change direction? turn around to change direction
don't be noisy
ready start
good start walking
good cut

because this time's filming fundamentals are like this
the green curtain is also used in filming
they also used a bit of special filming techniques yeah
yes because the kind of song impression in the tv play's theme is acting on one's own.
considered to be and rough work have a related sequence of processes that can be seen
will i say it clear?
the others are for ore ore, there's a lot in this work which the audience will look forward to
wait and see including other members' out most gratitude
ore-ore "it's me it's me" public showing on may 25 please everbody make sure you go to the theaters and watch.
next is the no. 34 me

everybody, what do you think of this
this time's "face to face" pv
how to say, it has various kinds of
the film is also worth it to see and enjoy
it's really like a kaleidoscope
members has various kinds of reaction like uwah
as for this making, up until now and in the past, i continuously have a very high feeling
who won't pay attention to me
last time the talk cause them to work hard talking about this is an interesting talk
please don't expect too much
besides in the regular and limited edition, they also added my solo song
that one is also a must that you have to pay attention too
because the limited edition is too fast on becoming out of stock
because i'm too fast to sell off
anyway, i'm off to go, bye bye

maa it's too fast and it's already finished
in the morning, we're not that busy
however, because each of us had already an advance filming
this time, the filming for the group members as a whole isn't that much
what would be the result?
as for now, we still don't know
it's really something to look forward to
this time's pv although there's no dance
this one is a bit hard to imagine like what would it be?
although there are things i can't say
but the result is definitely something to look forward to
there's also a game corner segment where we take an advantage to our resting time
i really hope that everybody would pay attention to this
i leave everything under your care

there's too many how to say
they've used a lot of cg and other technologies in filming this pv
so it's like the filming is always at the green cloth set
but in the end those can't be seen in the result
the idea is great that it cant be seen
the feeling is good and also you're going to look forward watching it
today, this time also like last time the expose
we didn't dance
while connect&go, we've danced
this time around, there's no dance
throughout the pv there's no dance
the feeling of this image
rather than saying not to consider those feeling probably
to those who haven't seen this please enjoy as much as you like, this is unreasonably good
this place of filming this video is the same as the first half
i really hope that everybody would like this
it's almost time to start
if i don't talk fast, then you wont be hearing my voice soon
maaa as for me, i really like to film the pv now
in order to shoot a pv, please continue on supporting us by buying the cd
okay, good bye then

by adding the cg, you wouldn't know the result right away
it's something to look forward to yes
to include a game corner in the limited edition
for those who haven't purchased, please go and buy one
i'm really hoping that everyone would go and watch it
this time i'm the one who holds for this plot
this one is difficult along with my temper
if everybody can watch this, then i'm very happy yeah
but although i still can't say the outcome
after watching this, everybody would be pleased
the feeling's downcast right?
very downcast
unexpectedly, no one ever thought of becoming like this
but, i also had a feeling that this is very interesting
everybody, please pay attention to the other editions
like tagachi's solo, that one,
his solo song is also included
i haven't heard the whole it of the song
but rumors says that it's really a good song to listen to
including this, i really hope that everbody would love it
although i can't say the reason, but stomach is already adorn full
if everybody watches the game corner segment then you might understand it
in order to be health and drink too much
please pay attention to it

Please don't claim the translation as your own.

If you want to ask something, dont hesitate to send me a pm.

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